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About Me

Ugur Uludag, born in 1971, established the IWS (Institute of Wisecrack Standards – ) with Gökhan Semiz in 1990. After graduating from Mujdat Gezen Art Center in 1995, with the IWS he performed his first professional work. Ugur Uludag, who is also on the world’s play writer’s web site, took part in many successful projects as a play writer, actor and director.  He is also acted on many TV Commercials, Music -clips, TV serials and movies. He won too many awards with his stageplays. He is working on his second movie will be shoot in LA now.

Ugur Uludag, also teaching psychodrama in an art school since 1995, established Cartoon Theater in order to reach a new comedy style. CARTOON, with its simple definition, means the dramatic structure and esthetics of animated cartoons. However, inevitably, this definition would only be incomplete and/or will be defeated to the monotonous concept that the theatre has in itself. It is a theatre style where all the characters exist with all the dimensions, but, just as in the case of the real life, show differences in the time frame. The story goes on no matter how much the characters are in contradiction with themselves regarding the way of behavior. In other words, the text is the fundamental material. Character, as it is known, is composed of psychological, sociological and physiological dimensions. This should show itself on the text, during the staging period (in the directing) and also in the acting style so that the alienation of the human being to life would come out with its entire tragicomic attitude.

Actually, the standing point of CARTOON is Stanislavski theatre and completely dramatic substructure. Starting from Meyerhold, it is to move towards to the concept of comedy – CARTOON, after describing the dramatic structure with its own alienated rules, destroys it again with its own methods, unique to itself. It has to destroy the dramatic structure. Otherwise, it means that CARTOON didn’t complete its function. At the beginning, one might not give a meaning to CARTOON, especially looking from the classical Turkish way of thinking. They might object the unknown; try to exclude it while they pay for watching one of the theatre plays created with this style. This is actually the real concept of CARTOON. It is the name of obstinately insisting new rules by ignoring all the existing rules of theatre and life.

Author, Writer, Director, Playwright, Producer, Actor, Novelist, Rebel

Stage plays:
I spit and Runaway – 1995 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
I’m coming from Lowestclass – 1996 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
None of your Business – 1997 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
Our Case is Different – 1998 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
We had Loved Evolution So Much – 1999 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
East Side Story – 1999 ( Writer & Director )
Watching for Godot – 2000 ( Writer & Director )
Relationships from the Third Kind – 2001 ( Writer & Director )
Relationships from the Third Kind II – 2003 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
God! Create Me Again – 2004 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
Number 27 – 2005 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
If It Weren’t for You – 2006 ( Writer & Director )
The Curling – 2007 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
A Kind of Lysistrata – 2009 ( Writer & Director )
Relationships from the Third Kind / The Beginning – 2011 ( Writer, Director & Actor – Himself )
An UnFairy Tale – 2012 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
Necmiq – 2015 ( Writer, Director & Actor )
EX S – 2015 ( Writer & Director )
I had said “5”, Your Honor ( Writer )
I am Challenger – 2017 ( One Man Performance )
No More Lies – 2019 ( in a rehearsal now ) ( Writer & Director )

Relationships from the Third Kind
ISBN: 978-975-254-095-8




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